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tv   Road to the White House 2020 Sen. Cory Booker in Laconia NH Meet Greet  CSPAN  May 13, 2019 5:04am-5:26am EDT

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listen live on the free c-span radio app. complete guide to congress is now available. it has lots of details about the house and senate for the current session of congress. contact and bio information about every senator and representative, plus information about congressional committees, state governors, and the cabinet. the 2019 congressional directory is a handy spiral-bound guide. order your copy from the c-span $18.95.tore for announcer: democratic presidential candidate senator cory booker of new jersey was campaigning in new hampshire this weekend. at one stop, he met with voters at the soda shoppe in laconia and spoke briefly with reporters. this is just under an hour.
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sen. booker: how is everybody doing? >> happy mother's day. happy mother's day. hello, thank you for bringing your mother. [indiscernible] a picture with you instead. >> thank you. >> listen, i believe that for every child's accomplishments, a mom -- all of the credit. you get all of the credit for whatever this guy has achieved.
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sen. booker: i agree. >> i take all of the credit for my husband. sen. booker: you are right. >> mother on mother's day. sen. booker: it is a wonderful thing. thank you all for coming. hi, everybody. how are you? [indiscernible] >> senate candidate for our district. sen. booker: how do things look? >> good, always. sen. booker: you doing the doorknocking? >> fundraising [indiscernible] sen. booker: let me know how we can help. >> absolutely. it means a lot to have you here. sen. booker: it is so good to be here. >> you are the 12 candidate here. i grew up in new york city, not too far. sen. booker: where? >> in brooklyn, when i was nine years old. sen. booker: before it was hip. >> where every puerto rican
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went. thank you for standing up for puerto rico. it means the world. laconia has been hit by a similar crisis. we have lost over 100 people in a couple of years. i call it the genocide of my generation. it is something pharmaceutical industries aren't doing enough to help us and that is why i am running for office and going to continue to stay involved. that is why we have phil running, unique candidates that will make a difference in young people's lives. we try to bring them back. sen. booker: thank you. >> it means a lot to have you here. sen. booker: it is good to be here. this is my second to last county i haven't been to. it is good to be here. >> this is a good one. the joke is gomez county elected donald trump, we will elect the next democrat president. sen. booker: i believe that. let me say hello to everybody.
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>> so happy to meet you. sen. booker: where are you from originally? >> i live in white plains, new york. but i am an interloper here. sen. booker: my mom used to work in white plains at ibm. >> this is a crazy question but do you know an eric? [indiscernible] new jersey, helping to work skills with secondary trauma. so familiar to me -- sen. booker: the name is very familiar to me. either way, please give him my best. really critical work. thank you for coming up. hello, everybody. >> happy to be here. sen. booker: i love your shirt. [indiscernible] >> until very recently. moved to manchester but grew up in the area. i am visiting my mom. sen. booker: happy mother's day to her. >> she wanted to come.
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sen. booker: do you have a phone? >> are we going to -- what is her name? >> monica. sen. booker: hi, monica, it is corey booker. i wish you a happy mother's day. thank you for raising such an extraordinary person who stands up for planned parenthood as do i. wishing you all the best. hope to meet you down the road, bye-bye. >> you are an angel. she is going to vote for you. sen. booker: hey, gentlemen. >> [indiscernible] sen. booker: are you from the community? >> i live on golden pond. sen. booker: thank you for coming by. >> [indiscernible] it has been in my kitchen at least twice. sen. booker: the good new
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hampshire way. we have about 40 more to go. >> keep at it. i am thinking of throwing my hat into the ring. sen. booker: i would encourage you to do so. [laughter] are you from this community? >> only a few blocks away. sen. booker: if i need something to eat later on? >> absolutely. hi. booker: >> i am an attorney. sen. booker: thank you so much. i am so grateful. can we get a picture who tort you don't need to do that. matching blue today. >> congratulations. [indiscernible] >> my mom, my friend, jonathan. sen. booker: how mario? you?w are
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nice to meet you. >> welcome to laconia. sen. booker: thank you. -- you are out of school no? >> i am. sen. booker: what kind of school? >> public school. elementary school. sen. booker: that is tremendous. what is your favorite instrument? >> i started with trumpet but they have me teaching, you learn them all. sen. booker: can we get a picture? thank you. thank you so much. >> i remember when you were the mayor across the river. i was born in manhattan and grew up on long island. i love your state.
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i lived most of my life across the river. >> sinclair. hopefully you will do it for the country. sen. booker: thank you. hi. >> quick question. nice to meet you. sen. booker: nice to meet you too. i will do the selfie. i have pretty good skills. >> i hear you are really good at it. thank you so much for your record on supporting women. last week we were all freaking out. just wondering as president what could you do to keep women's choice to them that you couldn't do in the senate? sen. booker: one of the things we have to do is make roe v. wade more of the law the land, passed legislation on it. remember georgia did this by , suppressing a lot of votes. most georgians, 70% don't agree with this bill. a lot of anti-democratic things are happening. we need to make sure we are fighting.
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lawswomen vote, walls -- like this do not get past. to affirm voting rights, solidify and codified a woman's right to control her own body and push back. >> thank you very much. appreciate you and thank you for everything you did for doug jones. sen. booker: thank you. >> i am her husband. she is a political person. sen. booker: the three of us. the twin towers here. >> thank you so much, senator. >> nice to meet you. thank you for coming to belknap county. we don't get a lot of candidates up this net of the woods. sen. booker: appreciate that. >> we were excited. sen. booker: how are you? [indiscernible]
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sen. booker: my mom is with me today. she is here. i don't know [indiscernible] liam, how are you? nice to meet you. can i have a handshake? >> how are you can i get something with all of us? i think i can pull this off. here we go. >> perfect. sen. booker: we will do this. >> there we go. sen. booker: all right. thank you, guys. >> glad you brought your mom. sen. booker: happy mother's day.
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good to be here. thank you very much. >> i have a question for you. in the past couple of months there has been a lot of attention on airline safety. people having died in the airbus accidents. and immediately president trump took action like within a week and grounded that because of safety for the u.s. citizens. what is your thought about how safety and protection can happen for our grandchildren? a lot more of them are dying than people on airline's? -- airlines? sen. booker: [indiscernible] last week i enrolled a plan [indiscernible]
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feel very strongly about. [indiscernible] it covers everything from lead in the water [indiscernible] environmental safety, opioid addiction, [indiscernible] so one of the things that is frustrating to me is how much we talk about -- my mom with me today, [indiscernible] >> gun violence, what are your
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views on restricting gun usage, like australia or new zealand immediately took action. sen. booker: i just rolled out the most ambitious [indiscernible] comprehensive plan that involves everything from gun legislation to background checks, making sure we have one hand gun -- assault rifles. i had a young man killed on my block. i turned 50 week ago. thank you very much. in my lifetime we have had more people die from all of our wars combined -- [indiscernible] >> appreciate your time.
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[laughter] >> i have a question for you. everybody is saying [indiscernible] what are you going to do about the issues -- i keep asking what do you want us to do? sen. booker: that is a good question. that is the best question. [indiscernible] we have to be a country that knows when a leader comes in -- >> what does a leader need to do? sen. booker: [indiscernible] more people being engaged. that is what i will ask from you. it is about organizing.
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we don't make the election about donald trump. we have to have more of a movement to deal with the issues. other countries survive with infrastructure and education. >> [indiscernible] and i asked every single candidate, all the time, when are you going to support [indiscernible] sen. booker: this is what i think. what they have done, judge them on what they have done. [indiscernible] most elite -- the leader of our party will be sure the local leaders all the way up and start building the party. that is the way it should be in a 21st-century way. don't judge me on what i say but what i have done. [indiscernible]
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in new hampshire we have kids dying [indiscernible] sen. booker: [indiscernible] a strategy that works -- i am already supporting a lot of bills that make sure we deal with this. too many people, my community and your community are dying. need to treat of them, comprehensive plan. >> you will have my support. sen. booker: thank you. >> you are already my senator. [laughter]
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sen. booker: your senator and your neighbor. >> [laughter] good to see you. >> nice to meet you. sen. booker: thank you for being here. hello again. i am doing well. how are you doing? >> i listened to you last night. you seemed comfortable. sen. booker: [indiscernible] a real decent person. my mom -- when i first started campaigning she said who you are speaks louder than what you said. that kind of energy. >> we can tell who you are. sen. booker: thank you so much.
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[indiscernible] sen. booker: you know what it is. i will not say anything. i will say [indiscernible] i did. >> i have a question. how high a priority as climate change? sen. booker: it is the central threat. when i became mayor, i proposed -- everything we do, [indiscernible] i told them we need to do everything. literally had green ideas, we could plant more trees, environmental prerequisite. we join with other mayors, the mayors of america, we will take care of this problem.
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i am pledging that. [indiscernible] support the green new deal and the whole vision like my parents' generation, [indiscernible] a bold vision. coordination has always been inspired by [indiscernible] timothy or jeremy? >> no. sen. booker: you are with the press. [indiscernible] >> pleasure to meet you. [indiscernible] >> quick question, long-term care -- [indiscernible]
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what are we going to do? sen. booker: [indiscernible] you have to realize -- [inaudible] if somebody goes into long-term care, and you are destitute, there is something wrong with that.
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why are we taking people that may have $100,000 to their name -- [inaudible] i have been looking at this problem a lot. when i was mayor i learned how to deal with problems now. when i am your president i will be the wayne gretzky of presidents. >> sounds good.


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